Simply put, genealogy is the study of a person’s ancestry, but far from being simple, it encompasses much more than figuring out whether your six-times-great-grandfather fought in the American Revolution or what part of the world your ancestors came from. Genealogy can help reunite adoptees with birth families, track genetic illnesses across generations, and help solve cold case files. It can find missing heirs, uncover the history of antique homes, and assist in the repatriation of fallen soldiers. For many of us, however, curiosity about how we relate to our family’s history is what draws us to genealogy, and that’s where the fun begins!

Every family has stories – stories of the daily struggles and life-changing triumphs of the people who came before us. With each new generation, new stories are added and some fade from memory, becoming forgotten in the passage of time. Uncovering these stories - this family history – is one of the most exciting and satisfying aspects of genealogy. Whether they confirm things we already know or surprise us with unimagined relationships, our family stories help us forge a personal connection to our ancestors and the world they lived in, allowing us to develop a deeper understanding of the events that shaped their lives and the choices they made. Ultimately, genealogy teaches us about ourselves.

If our pedigree (our parents, grandparents, great-grandparents, etc.) is the backbone of our past, the family stories are the flesh on the bones – what makes everything “come alive.” Are you ready for your family history to come alive?


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Angela Harris grew up in one of the most historically significant towns in the United States – Plymouth, Massachusetts – surrounded by friends and classmates who still bore the surnames of their Pilgrim forefathers, and being the granddaughter of immigrants who loved to tell stories about the Old Country, it’s no surprise that genealogy became her passion. Angela has over 20 years of research experience and has earned her Professional Learning Certificate in Genealogical Studies (PLCGS) from the National Institute for Genealogical Studies (Toronto, Canada). She has used her expertise to solve genealogical mysteries for family, friends, and clients, and she has worked on diverse cases from the United States, Ireland, Italy, and Canada. Among her successes have been locating living descendants of deceased individuals, reuniting estranged and adoptive families, and assisting clients on the path to dual Italian citizenship. Angela is a member of the Association for Professional Genealogists and upholds the APG Code of Ethics and Professional Practices.

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